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Solo Funds

SoLo is the first mobile based low­value lending exchange platform. SoLo’s lenders profit interest based returns. SoLo’s borrowers solve
short­term cash needs while increasing their FICO credit score with timely repayments.


Ilerasoft’s software centralizes a health system’s equipment data on one platform to improve FDA safety recalls. We have built a better way to link and match FDA Safety Recalls to relevant hospital inventory to identify defectivemedical equipment earlier and more accurately.


Warmilu is a non-electric warming technology company, specializing in manufacturing a safe, reusable heat pack called the InstaWarmer. The InstaWarmer is a durable and reusable heat pack, that can generate safely regulated warmth in seconds, with the simple click of the disk the pack begins to warm up, and stays warm for 3-6 hours.