We provide seed funding and support for early stage startups with unique founding teams

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Hillman Accelerator focuses on companies led by underrepresented individuals in tech by developing venture backable companies. Established in 2017, this statewide effort will display how the state of Ohio strives to move the needle on diversity with this new program to address the lack of capital and business education that limits our ability to maximize the economic benefits of women and minority led tech startups.

 Founded by Dhani Jones, Ebow Vroom and Candice Matthews, the Hillman Accelerator will be the only full time program focused on developing teams lead by underrepresented leaders delivering high quality programming, mentorship and education to the participants. Sourcing teams nationally, the accelerator will focus on bringing highly scalable, venture back-able companies from around the country to our city of Cincinnati: The Queen City.

Program details

Significant seed investment, high quality mentoring, infrastructure support, education, assessments, and business strategy. 

  • 4-month program
  • $100k Investment
  • Recruits 5 tech/tech-enabled companies 


Cincinnati OH
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